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Elementary Pride Pass

A Special Offer for Bexley Elementary Students.

What is a Pride Pass?

A Pride Pass is a pass that is usually available only to middle & high school students and adults. Once purchased, the pass provides entrance for your student or yourself into all athletic and theater events for the REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!! They are a great deal, and a great way to show your support for Bexley Athletics, Theater Arts and Music Program.

How Much Are They?

Pride Passes are available to elementary students at the same rate for high school & middle schools students, $50.   

Is a Pride Pass Worth the Cost?

If you or your child attend a soccer, football, basketball, field hockey or one of many other sporting events, gate fees run between $3-$10 per event. Theater productions charge ticket prices of $6-$12. You can see that a Pride Pass is a very worthwhile purchase if you attend even just a handful of events each year.


Elementary Pride Pass
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